About Us

Vital Management Connections Inc was incorporated in the State of Maryland in 2007. The founder Sandra Smith opened the doors as a management consulting company. Our services included but were not limited to Program/Project and Contract Management; Business Development; Proposal Writing and various other Administrative Management Services.

During July, 2011 Vital Management Connections Inc (VMCI) was presented with a new and most exciting opportunity to expand it's products and services in a different but compatible direction.

VMCI is now an approved Distributor of Emergency Transfer Controls' (ETC) manufactured products. As a distributor, VMCI is able to provide customed designed ETC Controllers for Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) upgrades and Breaker Transfer Schemes: Main-Main and Main-Tie-Main. We also have available ETC ATS & MTM Display Panels and ETC SCADA PCs for remote monitoring over your LAN/WAN. There is something uniquely different about the ETC controller that makes it stand out from all the rest!

Our targeted markets are hospitals, data centers, military installations, waste water treatment plants, universities, cell towers, state facilities, municipalities, and power substations. If you have emergency power at your location you are part of our targeted market.

You can gain more detailed information about the ETC product line by visiting: www.etccontrols.com

VMCI Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sat:        By appointment only

Sun:       Closed